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Cheese - cheese & ham display case

Cheese - cheese & ham display case - Iglu cold system
CHEESE: cheese & ham display case Cheese - Mirabilia System (3) Cheese - Mirabilia System (4) Ripiano ok

“Cave à fromages”


A very versatile food, cheese has become a vivid “culture”. 
Mirabilia System allows you to perfectly preserve any of the hundreds of varieties available from all over the world and it also increases cheese sales.

Nowadays, more and more clients pay utmost importance to food aesthetics and often get seduced by well-presented food, even when they did not have intention to order it.

To meet such consumers behaviour and needs, Iglu has designed this innovative case which optimizes the view of cheese and generates into the customers, the desire for it. 

2 sizes available:

  • CHEESE S (W 720 x D 765 x H 2360 mm)
  • CHEESE L (W 1350 x D 765 x H 2360 mm)

Temperature Set : +4°C /+ 18°C (perfect for ham&salami as well)