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14 January 2016
Birch-Lights-iglu_93 birch-Oddiglu_93 FIDIA-ODDIGLU-IGLU_93 fidia-Oddiglu_93

Very demanded in the past years and still to be considered as a “classic” in interiors, there are materials that never go out of style. These are neutral materials that are always included to fill in decor projects with their timeless presence.
1.     Birch Wood: even though there are many existing species of birch, the yellow one is the most requested. 
This European birch version is pretty fine-grained and considered expensive and rare. 
It adds a clean effect to the environment and it’s a real classic. 
Need to reach any existing birch wood tone of your room? Go for ODD IGLU #birchwood. And don’t forget yellow-tuned light which makes even more suggestive the warm wood natural tone.
2.     Ancient Stone: Able to adapt  perfectly to a modern design by adding a rustic touch, as well as to be part of a renovated "old-style" environment. 
Even if price is higher than other materials, it has been demonstrated how powerful this natural material is. 
If your restaurant interior is made of ancient stone, we offer a wonderfully matching ODD IGLU: #fidia, which has been studied to further enhance your environment.

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