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3 BENEFITS OF GALANTHUS the new ice-cream display-case presented at the last edition of HOST

14 December 2017

Galanthus is the ultra-clear wide display, specific and designed for ice-cream preservation, which combines the minimal style to the trustworthy refrigerating technology.
Part of the Mirabilia System collection, Galanthus is one of the 10 wonders of Front of House refrigeration.

Here below 3 benefits of Galanthus, the ice-cream showcase refrigerated display:


  1. Spotlight is on the ice-cream 
    No sign of condensation, thanks to Iglu refrigerating technology: the attention will be only on your faboulous ice-cream, well lighted and visible with leds expertly positioned on the display, to garantee the most captivating exposure.
  2. It can be placed anywhere.
    The fine and minimal design matches to any existing environment or style. The modularity of the Mirabilia System collection allows to add or combine more Mirabilia System displays  with different functions, while maintaining the same design: in this way you can add a chocolate or a pastry display case in the same venu: for example to your gelato display case, maintaining harmony and constancy of shapes and lines within the same room.
  3. It can be entirely customized
    Standard models come in hairline satin stainless steel in the exteriors, mirror polish stainless steel in the interiors. Thanks to the unique ODDIglu personalization program it is possible to customize the external finish with a vast range of finishes and patterns.