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3 ODDIGLU picks inspired by the PANTONE OF THE YEAR 2017

17 March 2017
STEEL-FINISHING-29 STEEL-FINISHING-GREENERY total-personalisation-greenery-refrigeration royal-refrigerator-finishing

Color experts have determined that the color we are likely to see everywhere this year is a bright green: Greenery, Pantone 15-0343.

Green is the color of balance and harmony and can, therefore, be helpful in times of stress.

Greenery actually taps into minimalism, and matches to almost each color or finishing, especially birch wood, polish grays or bright shades such as glossy white.

Always updated to the latest design trends, Iglu is now able to hit this zesty yellow-green shade with ODDIGLU, thorough many patterns, effects and techniques.

In fact all the refrigerated displays, or freezers, or wine cabinets can now be dressed up with the color of the year.

To help you creating your interiors with incredible impact, we have our favorite picks between the three ODDIGLU techniques: painting, cladding, total personalization.


We start matching with a paint the Pantone 15-0343 and we definitely like the matte effect rather than the high gloss because it will be much easier to fit well into a neutral environment.


Selecting from our extensive offer of cladding, our favorite pick this time is the unique Greenleaf #64: the way the finish depicts the pure greenery feeling is fantastic.


If a more classic look is desired, we propose instead the cladding #29: the “easy on hands” surface is given by invisible micro circular dots, that create a porous touch. Another advantage is also the maximized shade and light reflection that end up in a semi-gloss wonderful effect.


When it comes to unique treatments and combination of finishes, the Total Personalization can be the solution were many options can be applied even inside the refrigerators. To give you an indicative example: the exteriors clad with ODDIGLU #PS1446, a brilliant tone with a slightly texture surface in combination with an interior in ODDIGLU #HG1205 a very glossy white, perfect with led lights.


The visual combination of the two surfaces (one white glossy and one green porous) will end up in a "wow effect", even more if you pass your fingers on the two finishes and feel how pleasant is the association of the two.