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5 advantages of a wine display case in your office

15 July 2016

Offices and businesses have to be a space where you and your team are comfortable working;  but they also are a place where important meetings with clients are happening. Branding matters, and that rings true for both companies and individuals. Your office furniture design, together with your human attitude and staff, do represent your brand… with a profound impact on your business.

Here are 5 reasons why a refrigerated display can be so important in your office environment: to reflect your business, to be practical, and to communicate smart values.

  1. Show off your organization skills

    An organized office goes a long way to show clients your success and your capability to keep on top of what you are doing. Having all the right organization features such as cubbies for rolled up plans, paper storage, cord control accessories and very comfortable chairs (mandatory), you should think about “hospitality” within your office.

    To offer fresh beverage or foodies to your client, a refrigerator is required. Having all the delicacies showcased is of course noticeable and it underlines even more how the organization can combine business with pleasure.

  2. Communicate transparency
    You can’t have a “backyard” kitchen if your office is dealing with great business. You should just show clearly, with your natural charm, how things are, how you set them out, facing them.
    Front of house in fact is the future trend and it is a great concept: frank, clear and transparent; no games. And this is a key to win the trust of customer.
  3. Prove that n.1 reason for your successful business is attention to detail
    As already seen, the minimum in a corporate office is to offer your clients some fresh beverage and some coffees during their visit, even better if you add some other delicacies.
    A perfect example would be a visible nice ingredient and beverage case placed in the seating area- just past the desk area. With a practical and snappy solution you may be able to offer an healthy apple, a bottle of fresh water or a juice, or even a beer …all wonderfully showcased.
  4. Elevate your design
    You can play with the colors of the food and of the beverage bottles to turn on the environment or you can even choose a vibrant refrigerated display that helps adding life to the typically low-key tones and shapes of corporate offices.
    With ODDIglu you can indeed realize any texture or patterns, effect or tone. And you can even use led lights with dimmable intensity to easily modify the ambient atmosphere.
  5. You can really cheer
    Impressing people requires nice ambients, many comforts and amenities but  a nice cellar with vintage wines placed in the principal office …of course cannot get unnoticed!
    Good clients need top level services, and successful business just wrapped up…needs a toast!