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3 July 2018
black-design-finish-refrigerator-custom-wine-display Carbon-iglu-custom-front-of-house marble-iglu-custom-finish-front-of-house marble-iglu-custom-finish-front-of-house-refrigeration Hotel-Royal-Savoy-Lausanne-05

Always in style, black is a colour suitable for any environment.

Always in vogue, this classic shade suitable for any environment furniture is perfect to enhance any type of interior. Elegant, with a dramatic allure, perfect for those looking to represent the strong character of their environments.


Iglu offers a quiet enlarged range of finishes to represent black in different shades, materials and effects. The following are our top 3 choices of black finishes, to add a chic and vigorous touch:

  1. BLACK CARBON EFFECT: impeccable when combined with other dark shades in other declinations.
  2. BLACK MARBLE EFFECT: classy, sleek perfect for large and very bright environments.
  3. BLACK SERIGRAPHED: which ensures the strong scenic impact and the game of reflexes even more sought after in the case of display and design wine cases.

Despite black is commonly the darkest existing shade, we recommend the use of black on custom displays because this colour releases an important energy charge and vibration that can affect positively the viewer.

For those who want to stun or who are looking for peculiar effect combinations, an arrangement with golden tones is really a must.