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1 September 2015

Iglu strongly believes in sustainability, we are environmentally friendly and we have proven this commitment.

The introduction of the energy labels for domestics represented a turning point in the market because certifications allow a best selection and classification of the equipment, starting from the purchasing stage.

This trend has been developed also in professional refrigeration and for the first time by Ceced Italia (National Association Domestic and Professional Manufacturers) together with the main Italian producers of professional refrigerators.

The goal was to test professional products according to: an equal scale, a formal criteria officially approved and recognized with proper standard parameters. Testing equipment performances of Italian producers offered a conscious decision to the consumer, mainly based on the respect for the environment and therefore energy consumption.

Producers committed to label their products in respect of the National Plan for Energy Efficiency to reduce the environmental impact.

The choice of the first category of products analysed was refrigerators, "a key product as it was the only equipment item which was functioning 24hrs day, every day"*.

The E.C.E. classification is based on the yearly energy consumption (kWh) and on the net volume capacity (liters) and ranks from class 1 to 8 (class 8, most efficient) and it is calculated comparing a refrigerator or freezer labelled class 1 with an equivalent class 8.

Once again the commitment of Iglu to the environment has been awarded: the focus on energy saving solution, the goal for us was to implement superior technology and design features that enhance the product performance, and continually reduce impact on the environment.

E.C.E. 8 (Energy Classification Label powered by Ceced Italy) has been awarded to our OnePlus Cabinet Full S/S Door 700, which is the best energetic class for professional refrigeration.