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GUESS WHO... the IGLU CLIENT awarded for Favourite Italian Restaurant and Restaurant of the Year, 2017 in Dubai.

22 December 2017
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Located within the luxurious hotel Al Naseem Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, the Favourite Italian Restaurant and Restaurant of the Year, 2017 in Dubai at the What's On Dubai restaurant awards is Il Borro Tuscan Bistro Dubai.

Featured by the authentic Italian cuisine of Chef Maurizio Bosetti, the menu is rich of traditional plates made with fresh Italian products and ingredients expressly and steadily imported to Dubai to guarantee a genuine meal. Opened last January the restaurant has already gained excellent reviews, which for sure satisfied the famous designer Salvatore Ferragamo, whose name is behind the brand Il Borro.

The venue is made of 130 square meters, well designed and signed by Studio 63 with a special attention to the lights, colors, fabrics and the use of wood for boiserie. The restaurant is able to welcome up to 140 guests who, once sitting at the table, will feel like being in Tuscany, which is the Italian region- where all started- with the first Il Borro restaurant.

Everything has been made-to-measure from the beginning, at the planning level, and this is how Iglu took part of this great project. With a 1,6 meter-long and custom ingredient display, currently located at the bar, front of house, to welcome guests and to catch their eyes with some incredible previews of what they could order for dinner or with raw fresh ingredients just flown from Italy.

Numerous Royal wine displays are located all around and well harmonized with the design, thanks to the special Oddiglu finish chosen. The Royal cabinets are the perfect solution to highlight the wide selection of fine Italian wines carefully chosen by sommelier Bala Salian.

Iglu was also specified for quality and trust in the kitchens and in the back of house areas: up to 12 Oneplus gastronorm counters, 2 bottle counters, 4 Walliglu cupboards, many refrigerated pans and other equipment such as vertical cabinets.

Pretty exclusive and one-of-a-kind is the live kitchen area within the private dining room, appreciated and in use for private events of VIP clients.

Iglu is proud to have supplied front and back of house refrigeration to Il Borro Tuscan Bistro Dubai, and their feedback is just another proof of the Iglu customers' satisfaction: “Extremely reliable, well designed and innovative: perfectly in line with the Il Borro brand. We would go for this choice again!”

Learn about Il Borro Tuscan Bistro Dubai here