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How green is your restaurant?

25 November 2016

Here are 4 little tips on how to help the planet, be greener and to save money at the same time:
1. Trust the alphabet: choose eco-friendly equipment when you’re buying new apparatus. Energy Star Appliances and refrigeration: these models have better insulation and use half as much energy as older models. (i.e. IGLU refrigeration: our refrigerated, gastro-norm Undercounter are classified A)

2. Recycling is a must: the key is to position clearly identified recycling bin stations all over the premises. Stations are intended as a group of containers/bins with the actual logo that indicates what shall go into each container. How many? It depends on the size of your restaurant but what is mandatory to start with 1 or 2 stations in the kitchen (it depends on how large or crowded is it), 1 station in the waiters area, 1 station in the cash area/office, 1 or 2 stations beyond the bar. Boost your staff with a deep training.

3. Buy local; buying local foods is an easy way to go green: in fact it reduces the carbon footprint (no shipping from one coast to other, therefore the usage of fuel is limited!)

4. Avoid disposable items, when admitted by Law: starting from the purchase of glass bottles only, there is a large variety of items you can re-use. Your advantage will be also in the service quality.


And don’t forget to communicate how green you are, describing your actions to protect the environment.