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1 October 2015
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Bespoke pastry and chocolate displays, all produced by Iglu offer reverence to the high standards of Pierre Marcolini, Maître Chocolatier.

The latest shop is located in Marylebone, a residential area in London.

White and copper define the stylish ambient encompassing ranks of black oblong boxes along one wall, typical of Marcolini. 

Featured within the new store is a magical fairground-like carousel display filled with delicate macarons: this circular case is just unique, with its curved glass all around, the carousel rotates in order to showcase all the macarons displayed within. Made of Carrara white marble, Corian, glass, and mirror polish AISI304 stainless steel, the carousel was extremely challenging to produce. 

A 5 meters long central counter is finished in Mirror Polished Copper, Tempered ultra Clear Safety Glass, Carrara White Marble and Satin Corian.

Engineered cautiously to optimize workflow, the counter is rich in innovative detail with unsurpassed functionality and incredible aesthetics: the ventilation is ducted via a 3 metre long harmonious chimney, a characteristic result of the artisanship by Iglu.

Numerous features have been included in the counter build: a gift ribbon roll compartment was incorporated to the display; chocolate box holders incorporated into the white Corian with a satin finish; stainless steel boxes matching the counter to be filled with an amazing array of chocolate; even a folding shelf, to complete an amazingly spectacular and yet practical display. 

The store is furnished also with other equipment such as another window display counter, visible from the outside the store, a wonderful red rear counter and a full system of refrigerated cabinets.

The Pierre Marcolini installation represents a further achievement for Iglu, which is getting focused more and more on delivering excellent bespoke and tailored made solutions in the market.