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MARBLE, BRASS AND OXIGLU: Three different materials for three surprising effects.

3 April 2018
refrigeration finishes marble brass oxiglu
Brass-refrigeration marble-refrigeration oxiglu-refrigeration

Not sure about the style for your Mirabilia bespoke cabinet? Take these three -out of our favorites- in consideration:

Marble: luxury and design coexist in this material able to perfectly fit in both contemporary interiors or antique styles, while conferring absolute elegance. Marble can be black, gray, bluish, green, yellow or pink due to impurities such as iron oxides, clay minerals, or bituminous material.
Being a conductor, marble is perfect in refrigeration, as well as an amazing icon in design.

Brass: reflecting any contrast or any light in golden shimmering, this precious metal is available in many finishes and tones. Metals in warm tones and hues- especially with a vintage retro look- are currently the most required in the market. Less popular but more classic are the mirrored golden brass finishes, which are certainly a stylistic timeless choice.
Brass bacteriostatic properties make it one of our favorite materials for wine and food display cabinets.

OXIGLU: key concept is creativity: Oxiglu is the special treatment applied on stainless steel that duplicates your own design on the surface, in a mono-tone vintage effect.
Anti-corrosion, robust, hygienic and recyclable, stainless steel is the icon of pure resistance. With Oxiglu, steel is embellished, made precious with an immeasurable value: your own personalization.