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5 September 2015
Degan restaurant_31 Raffles Istanbul Champagne Room (1)

The latest trends show the return of metals such as copper, brass, bronze and new combinations recalling gold and silver.

It’s by no chance that the colour of the year is Copper (Colour Futures 2015:  a soft nuance that matches very well with all the shades of amber, gold and silver (link).

The new trend is therefore to combine Copper as it is believed to compliment all major trends. Bright, shining and reflecting, these Copper tones warm any room and emanates style and substance, even combined with a basic material or neutral shades. Some interior designers and consultants who work closely with Iglu regularly have already started following this trend or anticipated it using these materials, as shown in the pics below.

Let’s take the example of Copper, which is not just a tone of orange: from yellow to reddish bronze, through the various leagues, this metal never disappoints. It a natural material and considered to be one of the first natural metals to be used by man.

Everlasting and completely recyclable, it is solid, resistant and bacteriostatic, (a naturally occurring biological agent that stops proliferation of bacteria). This is why it is great for handles, any switches or other elements that are in frequent contact.