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Product Release (EU market only) - November 2016

18 November 2016

MEPS (The Minimum Energy Performance Standard) for refrigeration is the new regulation put into force by the European Commission to reduce the maximum amount of energy consumption of a professional refrigerator or freezer.


The classification is specified with a scale from A to G, where G is the least efficient class, now minimum requirement to sell equipment within the European Union.


The Minimum Energy Performance Standard is expressed with specific, condivisible, standard data contained in a mandatory label. 

All Iglu products falling under this regulation have been tested.

Almost all the products passed the tests, with the sole exception of some configurations, that were probably hindered on purpose by the regulators because intrinsically energy inefficient: please see the Product Update July 2016.


The following products/combinations are not anymore available in the European Community Market starting July 1st, 2016. They remain of course available in all markets outside EU.

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