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1 December 2015

Fall 2015 trend is definitely “smoky”.. but spaced out by some unexpected touches of colors.
Smoke wood and frosty shade with outages of gold metals and pink/violet shades: this is what the market is currently asking. 

Designers updated their palette pulling out all the tones between “wood ash” and “pearl grey”, together with colorful shades of raspberry fizz, lavender pink, magenta, marsala or copper orange (color of the year 2015).


A confirmation of the new trend is coming directly from our clients: interior designers are in fact now requiring more and more smoky tones/effects or brightly colored stand alone displays to enhance the environment. 

To promote and encourage new fashions, Iglu has now developed and launched ODDIGLU, which is the innovative program that offers the possibility to personalise your display look in infinite ways, to perfectly suit your décor desires.
For more information visit Oddiglu.