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Spotted: Mirabilia at Cannes Collection

11 July 2016
Luxury wine cellar at Cannes Collection

Cannes Collection, June 2-5, 2016: the event dedicated to luxury foods and services where the most prestigious brand names present their creations (more info .

The presence of Mirabilia onsite is just another confirmation of how flexible Iglu products are: they can match and be part of any ambience…such as charming wine libraries in luxurious rooms!

Let’s call attendance:

  • Royal – Gold Bijoux, Mirabilia System | Odd Iglu: Gold bijoux | 730x765x2400 h
  • Champagne Library, Mirabilia Bespoke | Polished brass | 4914x500x2900 h
  • Red wine Corridor, Mirabilia Bespoke | Black serigraph glass | 5100x550x2790 h