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14 January 2021
2021.01.14 - HYFORT (1) 2021.01.14 - HYFORT (2) 2021.01.14 - HYFORT (3) 2021.01.14 - HYFORT (4) 2021.01.14 - HYFORT (5)

Functionality, efficiency, high performances and design: Iglu design and production philosophy has always focused on those elements that define excellence in refrigeration and conservation. For 20 years, Iglu’s solutions contribute to restaurants and hospitality’s service quality worldwide.


We could say that Iglu’s innovation is led by market trends, the demand for higher performances, and the improvement in design and technical solutions. That’s true, but it’s not the full story. In Iglu, innovation comes from passion and pride. We take pride in seeing our customers always more satisfied because our products perfectly match their needs, even exceeding their expectations.


This is what HYFORT comes from.


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