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13 January 2016

Cork is a naturally resilient and impermeable material, the bark tissue from the Quercus suber (the Cork Oak), is a renewable resource harvested every 10 years from mature trees. 

Composed mainly of suberin, cork is perfect to produce wine stoppers. 

Cork is considered a miraculous material includes several features that you don not find all at the same time in synthetic materials:
•         great resilience; 
•         composed of closed cells filled with inert gas;
•         rich in tannin, a natural antibacterial; 
•         not attached by insects and mold; 
•        helps wines to age gracefully (allowing a proper ageing process).
Of course the performance of a cork may depends on many factors related to product features and how it is inserted and sealed.
To ensure an ideal combination of wine, glass and cork:
• The stopper must be designed and manufactured with accuracy taking in to account its natural characteristics
• it must be used correctly in combination with the suitable bottles based on the wine to be bottled.
• the transportation and the storage of bottles and stoppers must be performed in such a way to preserve and enhance the quality achieved by the enologist and the vigneron.
When it comes to wine storage and preservation, IGLU is the right supplier. 
Working with sommeliers and industry experts, many special techniques have been developed to ensure the most appropriate recipe to preserve and display wines spectacularly: it is called Mirabilia. Choose Mirabilia Bespoke if your space needs a fully custom made solution; go for Mirabilia System if you are looking for a ready made display but still very customizable, thanks to a wide range of options and accessories.