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9 September 2015
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1.      Customization

Thanks to our experience in bespoke design, we have gained an unmatched proficiency in aesthetics, usability, functionality and security in design.

Each project is unique in its own kind. Starting with your personal needs and comprehensive dialogue with architects, interior designers and food service consultants to offer an ideal solution that best fulfils your needs and the environment with a purpose of adding more value to your business. Mirabilia displays can be placed in the center of a room as a feature, act as an architectural partition between rooms, or stand against a wall – often covering it entirely to create a “wine wall” effect.

2.     Unsurpassed functionality and design flexibility

Each project specification is customized to your needs and incorporates unsurpassed functionality and overall design flexibility.

Our sole objective is to ensure we aid our clients increase their sales through remarkable display effect whilst guaranteeing optimum storage conditions.

Other key considerations in design include; ease of accessibility, maximum storing capacity, and innovative security solutions against theft are always at the forefront of our designs and customer care policy. Careful and calculated consideration is also given to the positioning the bottles in order to fashion what can only be described as the most spectacular display solution in the market today. 

Door options include either hinged or sliding doors, and include pass-through versions for both door options. Numerous shelf options include; upright bottle positioning on glass or mirror stainless shelves, horizontal bottle placement, inclined or declined, and sideways bottle positioning also included. A spectacular circular revolving rack option is also available for circular, or round shaped displays.

3.     Temperature “à la carte”

To protect your exquisite assets, mechanical key locks can be fitted to all doors, or powerful electronic door locks can be featured to allow one or more doors to be opened centrally, if required directly by tapping a card on the electronic receiver.

4.     Let your creativity loose: with Iglu

Not only can you choose the dimensions, shape, temperature and type of display, you can design your display case to incorporate features such as illuminated LED lights strips with UV diffuser (no visible dots) in either cool or warm and in almost any color imaginable, choose almost any type of metal finish such as; copper, bronze, gold, mirror polished stainless steel and many more, or in any RAL color type.

5.     Adding more value to your wines: growing your business

Mirabilia displays undoubtedly add more value to your business and particularly add more value to the wines displayed. Many of our clients have verified a substantial increase in their sales following the installation of their Mirabilia display meaning a fast return on your investment.