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Diana - meat display case

Diana meat display case professional humidty control
Senza titolo-1 Vassoio_carne Meat-hook-mirabilia-system Diana-Meat-display-case

The no-compromises professional meat tenderization case that will show your meat cuts like masterpieces


Bulding on the long-time experience of Iglu with the top “meat masters” worldwide, a trustworthy, highly technological meat preservation tool that is also a fantastic help to increase sales, thanks to its stunning display qualities.


Equipped with spectacular hanging rods and practical spill-proof drip trays, DIANA comes with our exclusive Dynamically Adjusting Moisturizing System (D.A.M.S.), capable to keep temperature and humidity constantly at their optimal levels to ensure that your best cuts are always aging in the recommended way, and without the loss of precious moisture.

  • DIANA S (W 720 x D 765 x H 2360 mm)
  • DIANA L (W 1350 x D 765 x H 2360 mm)

Temperature Set: +2°C / +5°C