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Sushi Display Case

Integral and remote refrigerated displays for sushi exposure

Enhance the freshness with a premium aesthetic and functional design


Research and development in the culinary field of Sushi & Sashimi have shown that high quality equipment is a fundamental and mandatory requirement to ensure food safety, maximum hygiene, optimal exposure, while preserving colour, texture and aromas from unwanted variations.

The Sushi Display Case line by Iglu has been specially designed to guarantee to this type of products a perfect display environment and, at the same time, with a surprising visual impact, capable of satisfying the service and style needs of the most spectacular open kitchens.


The equipment, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, have a static refrigeration system efficient and environmentally friendly, and are available in the versions:

Integral  Remote  |  Standard  Custom


Create your own display case. Unique like you


Thanks to the long experience in bespoke design, Iglu has acquired an unparalleled competence in aesthetics, usability, functionality and safety in design.
Iglu Sushi Display Cases allow for total customization: from size to shape to every detail of appearance.
Starting from the personal needs of customers and dialogue with architects, interior designers and food consultants, we are committed to offering an ideal and exclusive solution that best meets any need and environment, with the aim of enhancing any business.


Download Iglu Sushi Display Case brochure and discover all the technical charateristics, models and customizations available.

  • Static refrigeration system
  • Temperature set: -2°C / +4°C
  • Climate class 3