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Energy Sheets

Find your IGLU product energy sheet by filtering the categories on the menu below on your left.

Or instead you can digit your product code on the search bar below after have replaced that the symbol  "/" with "_".

Let's take as example a GN counter with code TRS/2V, with a configuration of C2 drawer and a S/S door.

  1. Replace the symbol (part of the code) "/" with "_" : TRS/2V => TRS_2V
  2. Now add the specific configuration for each compartment where:
    P = 1 S/S door;  PV = 1 glass door; C2 = 1/2 drawer 1/2; C3 =1/3 drawer; CB = bottle drawer

Type the following code on the bar and find the specific label: TRS_2V C2 P

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